Dandie Dinmont Terriers

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Dandie Dinmont Rescue League

People occasionally inquire whether there are any dandies available due to being in a “rescue” situation.  Fortunately, there are very few rescue dandies looking for a “forever home” .

However, when a dandie is in distress, it can count on the Dandie Rescue league to come to its aid.  

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Don't know much about Dandie Dinmont Terriers except that they're really cute. Learn more by checking out the information on our History page.

Trying to find a reputable breeder? Not sure what questions to ask?  Check out the How To Find a Dandie and
the Questions to Ask a Breeder pages.

Don't think contracts are necessary - think again. The purpose of a contract is to protect you, the dog and the person you are acquiring the dog from.  Check out our Contracts Page to see the types of items a contract should cover.

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Otterhounds are big dogs with a rough coat and a classic shaggy face. They have bushy eyebrows and a wide head. And a beard especially made for holding the water they drink!!!

The most common color is black and tan, but they can be found sporting a variety of different color combinations.

For centuries, Otterhounds were bred to be pack animals and this has resulted in a good-natured dog that doesn't look for trouble.

Their feet are webbed for swimming. A naturally excellent swimmer, these dogs can swim for miles and enjoy spending time in the outdoors.

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Leadership Lessons Learned in Dog Obedience School

Leadership Lessons Learned in Dog Obedience School takes a fun but informative look at the skills required to be an effective leader, and answers the tough leadership question, “What would a dog do?”

While we should not treat employees like dogs, we can learn a great deal about creating a motivating work environment by applying dog training lessons to the work place.  Treating a dog right - treating a person right - there's not much difference.

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