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Contract Content

Expect to be asked to sign a contract which details the terms and conditions of the sale. If the breeder tells you that they don't believe in contracts, or that a contract is not necessary - WORRY! And, don't let friendship cloud your judgment - whether you are dealing with a stranger, a friend or a family member, you should still write up a contract to avoid any misunderstandings.

The following items may not be included in every contract, and there may be items we haven't listed that should be included, but these elements should serve as a guideline. If you don't understand the intent of an item in the contract - talk it over with the breeder.   A clear understanding of the terms of the sale is important if you want to avoid unwanted hassles at a later date.

Expect a contract to contain clauses that address issues such as:

Over the past couple of years we've learn a few things about contracts and the people who enter into contractual obligations. One lesson learned is that, at least for some people, contracts are made to be ignored or broken as fits the mood of the individual.

We've also heard a few horror stories about the way breeders have taken advantage of buyers. So, we originally wrote this page to help prospective buyers understand what they should expect from a breeder. But, buyers can also deceive breeders and a frivolous lawsuit can be filed by anyone who has more money than sense.

Our advice remains the same now as it has for years - and this goes for

both the breeder and the buyer - make sure there is a contract that outlines the terms and condition of the sale. A contract is the only way to protect yourself from less than honorable people!! A contract doesn't mean someone won't lie or cheat or in some way seek to deceive you, but if you have to defend yourself or seek restitution, well, try doing that without a contract!