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Montizard Otterhounds

Dandie Dinmont Terriers

45 Years of Breeding Excellence

Questions you should ask a breeder:

1. Will I be able to see both the mother and father of the litter? (Not all breeders own both the sire and the dam, so be sure to ask about the sire if you can't see him.)

2. How would you describe the temperament of a Dandie Dinmont Terrier?

3. How would you describe the temperament of YOUR Dandies?

4. Are they good with children? (The answer should be YES! If you get "NO" for an answer try to find out why the breeder has concerns about "little people". It may only be a concern about how the child will interact with the dog - not the other way around.)

5. What health problems are common to Dandies?

6. How long do Dandies live?

7. How much grooming does a Dandie require?

8. How long have you been involved with Dandie Dinmonts?

9. Are they easy to train? Housebreak?

10. Will the dog be OK when I go to work?

11. How much do Dandies cost?

Questions you should expect a breeder to ask you:

1. Where or how will your Dandie be exercised?

2. Do you have a fenced-in yard?

3. How did you learn about this breed?

4. Ever see one in "real" life? If not, can you come for a visit?

5. What level of activity do you like in a dog?

6. What is your lifestyle? (active, travel a lot, couch potato)

7. Is there anyone home during the day?

8. Are there children in the family? Ages?

9. Are there other pets in your household?

10. Do you had other dogs? Are any of them Terriers?

11. Do you prefer mustard or pepper? Male or female?