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Dandie Dinmont Rescue League

People occasionally inquire whether there are any dandies available due to being in a “rescue” situation.  Fortunately, there are very few rescue dandies looking for a “forever home” .

However, when a dandie is in distress, it can count on the Dandie Rescue league to come to its aid.  

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Don't know much about Dandie Dinmont Terriers except that they're really cute. Learn more by checking out the information on our History page.

Trying to find a reputable breeder? Not sure what questions to ask?  Check out the How To Find a Dandie and the Questions to Ask a Breeder pages.

Don't think contracts are necessary - think again. The purpose of a contract is to protect you, the dog and the person you are acquiring the dog from.  Check out our Contracts Page to see the types of items a contract should cover.

What Else Is Happening At Montizard?

We have a few alpacas and their “job” is to give our Anatolian Shepherds something to do.   The Anatolians protect the dandies, too.  To see what a “real” dog looks like - visit

Otterhounds are big dogs with a rough coat and a classic shaggy face. They have bushy eyebrows and a wide head. And a beard especially made for holding the water they drink!!!

The most common color is black and tan, but they can be found sporting a variety of different color combinations.

For centuries, Otterhounds were bred to be pack animals and this has resulted in a good-natured dog that doesn't look for trouble.

Their feet are webbed for swimming. A naturally excellent swimmer, these dogs can swim for miles and enjoy spending time in the outdoors.

Welcome to Montizard

For 45 years, the home of award
       winning Dandie Dinmont Terriers

Looking for a puppy?  We do not have any litters
planned for now but you can send an email inquiry to
J. Maser in Florida who has a beautiful litter of four
puppies right now….so cute and extremely well bred.


Date: 06/05/17

Kenzie winning BW at the 2017 Otterhound Regional Specialty  - Louisville, KY.

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Like mother - Like daughter.  Kenzie follows in her mother’s footsteps since this was the same show where Amira won BOB in 2012.